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02. September 2019

What is passion in the brain?

What is passion in the brain? Here, we provide you with a compelling new infographic that shares the latest insights from passion in the brain.
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What are you passionate about? What do you do to achieve this passion? What state of mind are you in when you are doing what you are most passionate about?

Passion is the new black

Passion is all the rage these days. Understanding what people in different groups are passionate about is something that most major brands are trying to understand and tap into.

Here at Neurons, we have a special and privileged access to consumers’ minds, and passion is no exception. Through our work with clients and basic research alike, we have found new angles to understand passion in consumers.

Crucially, passion is not just another thing in consumption behaviors. It is the Queen of all consumption behaviors. If you are a passion brand, you’re in the sweetest place of sweet spots! Your customers are more loyal, more actively engaged, they spread the word more, they are willing to spend more money on your products, and they even dream about your products and brand! Who could ask for more?

A passionate infographic

So what is passion in the brain? Here, we provide an infographic¬†that collects some of the main insights we’ve made over the years.

Further reading

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