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Understanding reactions to advertising

Industry-leading framework & method for ensuring ad attention, emotions, comprehension and memory
Understand what attracts attention in your ad
Test ads in a natural web context on any platform
Get a second-by-second analysis of the ad
Find out how well your brand is remembered
Test the emotional reaction to your ad
Compare you results with 1000+ ads from our database
Our 3 testing solutions
Probe conscious and subconscious responses to your ads
By applying eye-tracking and EEG brain scanning, you gain insights in to second by second responses to your ad. Ads are tested using a unique study design where the ads are shown in ad breaks between watching a TV show, ensuring that ads appear in a natural context.
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Ad testing in people's own social media feed
We have the market leading solution for testing and boosting ads on social media and websites. Our solution allows us to control ads and organic content in social media feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. We also provide solutions for testing on websites.
Client quote - Twitter
Effects of format on ad responses and memory ̣- Canada Post

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